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What is the WFPF Parkour Academy?

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About WFPF

WFPF promotes the safe and responsible advancement of the parkour/freerunning discipline throughout the world, providing leadership, products, and services that keep barriers to entry low and grassroots enthusiasm high.

One of WFPF’s core teachings is to “Know Obstacles, Know Freedom” Parkour is a philosophy and a way a life. It’s a way of looking at any environment and believing in your heart that there is no obstacle in life that cannot be overcome. Everyone is a unique individual, so no two people will come up with the exact same solution, but there is a “way through” for us all.

We teach that Parkour is the art of moving from point A to point B with the least amount of effort and resistance. Dedicated students learn how to master their fear of physical obstacles, push past perceived physical boundaries, and achieve a fluidity and flow to their runs. Once they embody this flow state somatically, they deepen their focus, discipline, and self-confidence, which carries over into their academics, career, and personal relationships.

Learn More About WFPF Parkour Academy

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Reviews for WFPF Parkour Academy

Tom Forester

Aerial Gymnastics

"We started with about 20 kids and have grown to 150 in the first year and are now at the point where we have outgrown our area and we have to open a second location."

CJ Beasley

Tumble Tech

"Now we are at about 320 kids and it has been about a year and we are steadily climbing."


"Having the Lesson Plans each week has been hugely beneficial and we still refer back to the Video Glossary on a regular basis. The whole Program has been fantastic.”

Naro Parkour Academy

"Within our first year, we reached the maximum capacity of our gym and so we are now looking for a larger space, for which we can bring our Integrated Obstacles Mobile equipment with us."

WFPF Parkour Academy

WFPF exists to make Parkour accessible to people of all backgrounds, shapes and sizes, helping people to embody their strength and focus, while offering them self-confidence through a friendly community of like-minded athletes.


7119 W. Sunset Blvd, Suite 116
Los Angeles, CA 90046


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